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Just recently I had purchased a sidecar from a friend in the BSA owners club, Kent branch. After some persuading from other members I decided to give it a go. The car seems in very good condition with possibly some slight modification to it from a previous owner.

The Sidecar is believed to be a Watsonian Canterbury although there were a few different models to this range. The chassis seems in very good condition and has a good suspension and working brake. As you can see from the pictures below I have fitted it to the red A10. I have still to fit it up properly before going out on the roads. Likely I will have to change the fork springs and possibly the engine sprocket, currently it is a 22 tooth sprocket and would benefit from fitting a 19 or low as 18 tooth. I may also find considerable improvements if I should fit  square shaped Avon sidecar tyres. I really need to be able to give it a good few miles first before going to an expense as I don't know if I should like riding the combination.

One of the first things I had to do before I agreed to own such strange and eccentric transport and that was to build a place for it to stand...

It was not long before i had this site cleared up and the old chicken shed converted to a motorbike and side car shed.

While a cold and curious M21 looks on...


Okay lets look at some side car photos...

Sadly the Sidecar was sold at the end of the Summer, I placed it on ebay and it went for the price that I paid for it. So no loss and no joy but I will be on the look out for another one maybe one that is open and not so big. We'll see.

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